Thank you for 12 great years.

      Growing up kids say "I want to be a Doctor or a Fireman, a lawyer, a Nurse".  I don't ever remember saying I want to rescue abandoned animals for the cost of my heart.  Yet here I am 12 years into the thick of it and I wouldn't change that Google search that lead me here so long ago. 
       I'd like to say it made me a better person and in some ways I'm sure it did but it's hardened me to the human race.  It causes a calculated distancing of one's self from the people you assess as "non dog people".  The stories that once invoked sympathy and kept my undivided attention now blend together with a familiarity that is unsettling.  I keep snippets such as where does the dog like to sleep, is he good off leash, can she be around other dogs.  It all becomes routine and formulated and  you have to ask yourself, "How did I get here?"
      These animals did not ask to be our faithful companions.  Nor did they ask to be domesticated and brought into our homes as man's best friend.  We did this of our own accord.  Whether it was a feeling of loneliness or need for protection that prompted our ancestors to tame them and call them our own no one will ever truly know.  What remains our obligation though is their wellbeing.

      I have met many great people and dogs over the last twelve years.  Built friendships that will last a lifetime and experienced heartaches that will last even longer.  I love Lab Rescue and I love Labs but I think you have to know when the time has come to move on and my time is now.

      So I thank everyone for their support over the years and wish you all the best in the future.